I have never, in my entire life, heard any one say Ta. I will point out as well that if the context is understood you can add 'ed' to the end of just about any word and people will know that you mean drunk, around where I am from for example you get 'blastered' on a night out. Because learning is fun, so stick with us! If you're going to lunch and I ask you to bring me back a ham sandwich, you're my Attorney-at-Lunch. I'm british and i got 90 percent. Despite imperfect grammar. why is the first floor called the second floor? More information for teachers can … I don't know anybody who is actually English who would use "line" rather than "queue". A headscarf is what the queen might wear when out watching horses training or at a picnic, or a film star wears in an open top car. I dont think its a location thing but I might be wrong. (We have normal "fries" which we call patat (or in some dialects friet) the french fries are half as thin and only at mcdonalds and some places sell flamish fries which are atleast twice as big as regular ones. I always say chemist. just shows how american media is all over britain. It's referring to the last letter of the alphabet. I live in Hampshire and I use it all the time. We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. Speaking as a Brit... lawyer is a general term for anyone having a qualification in law; barrister is a lawyer who represents you in a criminal court only; a solicitor is a more general lawyer who does non-court work (although nowadays there is some limited access for solicitors to lower level non-criminal courts). Confusing! The closest we have in the UK for the American 'biscuit' (the buttery non-sweet pastry served with breakfast) is a scone, or perhaps a very thick muffin. "Dodgems" vs "Bumper cars" suggests that British people are much more passive when they enjoy this carnival attraction. You can't call all biscuits cookies! I guess I was eating patat/friet though. How to Play Popular Quizzes … We also use toilet, and thanks more than loo and ta, or at least where I live we do. However fries are those horrible thin over salted things that you get in McDonalds, and always feel a little bit worse about yourself after you've eaten them. In the UK, they initiate the action replay instantly. It's certainly not the case that it's never used here. Wasn't until I was an adult I heard them referred to as bumper cars. What is an octane rating? After all, it is against the rules to throw a soccer ball. Must be a northern thing. A fun way to learn new English words. Even my GP. That's hard as Australians use both English and American. Loo is of course used everywhere constantly! British Words Quiz #2. Play along with a British English slang quiz. An apartment is a flat in Britain. Given that the US does not have this division of labour, I always thought that the US word for all 3 British words was 'attorney'. Incorrect. Barristers are peculiar to English and Welsh courts. Let's see if you're a real vocabulary expert! Our legs don't want to work either after a bawdy night out on the town with our mates. See for example Little John... Good quiz but as others have said, many of these are slang. Well, we do say ground floor fairly often, but even then the floor above that one is always the second floor. Vocabulary Quizzes. I don't smoke, but if I did... You realise you changed our words, we didn't change yours. as a brit, i have never even heard the word 'zee'. Sometimes we explain how stuff works, other times, we ask you, but we’re always exploring in the name of fun! only some cockney people will call a cigarette a "fag", also only a few upper class old fashioned people will say "ta" instead of "thanks". I got all but "muffler". (a) It's the longest word that is typed with only the left hand. Jacket/coat (or is there a difference?) I wonder if there are any American slang words that don't exist in the UK? American. So, we're going to ask you what some British slang words mean. It is called french fries not directly after the country, but the way they are cut. Interesting, but true. Just like Tylenol, Paracetamol is the brand name for acetaminophen. Really need to accept Main St for Main Street, Brit here - never heard the term 'silencer' before with regards to a car. By clicking "Sign Up" you are agreeing to our Online courses like Englishtown, for learning English online, can help improve your vocabulary. Yeah, we can see how this reference came about. Six of one, half dozen of another. Giz a fag (can i please have a cigarette? ;). Many Brits say 'Lav' for lavatory many on the other side of the pond say 'John'. Cookies are flat and very sweet - a dessert-type food. Try this amazing English 12 Terms Quiz quiz which has been attempted 713 times by avid quiz takers. 6 Min, 7 Minute Quiz ;-)), pissed can also mean angry/mad as in "I am so pissed with you". There were short pants, long pants and underpants, thus there was no room for confusion as to when and where they should be worn. That in itself makes no verbal sense, but... @luke0 I couldn't agree less - only posh people say "pharmacy". It's time for a good old fashioned spelling bee. The difference between most of these words are slang and proper - not british and american. This name reflects the rule that the beverages purchased in the store must be consumed off the premises. Pissed is also a swear word here in the UK. We definitely still say chemist!!!! Definitely heard in the Midlands as well! The quizmaster isn't saying that ALL English people use ONLY these words ALL the time. Many of these "American" words also are of British origin and are not exclusively "American". Ta-ta's have a whole other meaning in the states as well. Test yourself with 520 free language quizzes covering grammar, usage and vocabulary for beginner, intermediate and advanced level English students. Same here, in Canada if someone is pissed, they are angry as in "pissed-off" . :"), Yeah that's definitely the only thing they're called here in America. The ground floor is called the ground floor, then the first floor above that is called the FIRST FLOOR. If it's wrong, a red cross (X) appears and you have to try as often as only one answer is left. "Chemist" is the person (pharmacist). Or do you need the help of a dictionary to pass this quiz? You’ll learn 10 slang words and colloquial expressions including: bloke, meaning dude; quid, not quids; bog and bog roll; a tad meaning a little; knackered and clapped out; skint meaning broke English word games and vocabulary activities, online and printable: crossword puzzles, quizzes, word searches, word jumbles, missing words and matching exercises, for English learners of all levels. Where do french fries come from then? This quiz does not suggest that all British people use these words 100% of the time. When did the spelling of cooky become cookie? Yes! In my experience a Jacket Potato is a whole potato that is baked in its skin i.e. They are probably closest to your scones except they don't have sugar. The ones that should be in the list as they are not normally used with your meaning are: crisps, queue, petrol, zed, pissed, trainers, biscuit, bonnet, nappy, full stop, silencer, first floor. I could not understand what else a jacket potato could possibly be called. That's like calling all cakes muffins! And I'd say toilet or loo is used way more than bathroom. I like the disclaimer "This quiz does NOT suggest that all British people use these words 100% of the time". I never knew there were so many of them. Cigarette, exit, lawyer and thanks originated from the UK. Terrible quiz. I run each case and then instruct a barrister when it comes to court. Chips are proper bits (chips) of potato, deep fried to crispy wholesome loveliness, then smothered in vinegar and eaten with fish, or if you're feeling flush - steak. No sign-up required. "Pissed off" means annoyed. Pissed for example means drunk but it is vulgar language and I would not use it in general company. Belgian fries (chips, whatever) are the biggest you'll ever see,. There is a whole regional thing in the US around sprinkles vs. jimmies... 'I'm linguist' ......... should read I am a linguist. All correct answers are provided and scores are displayed after finishing each quiz. Most people say toilet. The usual British word is lift.” The British entries mirror this and as a British speaker I can say that our impression generally is that while UK preference is for ‘lift’, US speakers use this less, preferring ‘ride’. One word used in Britain, but never in U.S. - PLEASE. How many of these 35 British words for common items can you identify? It's true. US cultural imperialism (i.e. Playing quizzes is free! The word "uni" is short for university. Interesting, I stand corrected :) The ones I had in Belgium were much thinner than the ones in British fish and chips and it always comes up in quizzes that french fries come from Belgium so I assumed that's what they were. allanswart / Getty. Many supposedly "American" words, like "exit", "thanks", "cookie", "cigarette" etc. American. In London, the word fag is used a lot less than cigarette, lawyer a lot more than barrister, exit as much as way out, and there's only one person I have ever heard say ta, who is Japanese, not English. A lectern is the tall shelf you put your notes/book on. Of course, there are regional variants, and some native speaker may use both forms. Fag is just a slang term, there are far far more amusing words than that... Not all Brits say "loo". I tried "druggist" and "pharmacist" before I thought of the physical store and typed "drugstore.". Whinge isn't British, it's Australian. Here's a pic of what Americans & Brits call a biscuit... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biscuit#/media/File:BiscuitsAmerican%26British.png. Anyone Obsessed With Aesthetics Needs To Take These 11 Quizzes. Your knowledge of Football / Soccer is abysmal, and your usage of 'Rugger' and 'Soccer' is even worse. because cookies are a type of biscuit, surely all biscuits are not cookies. That's why it's not on there. You (and everyone else in the Englsh speaking world) say zed. Created by Johan Beornson The Ist On Dec 26, 2018 1 / 30 Definition: Conveying instruction; teaching … I was told it stands for Thanks Awefully. Each of the above Slang Quizzes consists of 10 multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of English slang. In the states, the word "aubergine" refers to the color of eggplant. 6 Minute Quiz Complete the Sentence! "Tar" is used around Liverpool and that way. Warning to all Brits: I recommend not asking your hotel receptionist in the US if it's ok to light up a fag on the balcony. A la julliene or french cut. Yes, they were! British is actually correctly spelt with a capital 'B'. In America, cookies and biscuits are very different. its jacket. We also say Bathroom (more than we say Loo, though I assume it depends where in the UK you come from) Lorry and truck are both used as much as each other and most don't really have one they always use. But they're all British words. Spelling 'center' - It's in the town center. I was stationed in Britain for 5 years and heard it all the time. The same way some vegetables like carrots are cut for salads. All of the 'chemists' around Britain are called pharmacies. Basically everything in this comment is wrong. Well, I am an American and I don't say the American words 100% of the time! zebra crossing. Perhaps a more simple comparison between the English and American legal systems could be that in the US, the work done by an English Solicitor is often done by a Paralegal, whereas the equivalent of a Barrister is an Attorney-at-Law, or more commonly, a lawyer. Biscuits are a buttery non-sweet pastry that is eaten with breakfast. British peeps are whack... they use "chips" for fries yet a whole new word for chips.... Dare I bring up the Football/Soccer saga? Top Quizzes with Similar Tags. This site can help you evaluate your progress in English language learning, both ESL (learning English as a second language) and EFL (learning English as a foreign language). If your answer is correct, a smilie is shown. A lawyer in the UK is actually called a Solicitor, a barrister is just a type of Solicitor.... No, they're different branches of the profession. Only when they are police officers informing you that you did not come to a full stop at a stop sign (of which are way too many). Just like they go to hospital, the Brits go to university. But yeah, I find it weird that they say gas when that could literally be any matter in gas form. I was surprised not to see pavement - sidewalk as part of the quiz. Podium is for your feet, thus the "pod" in podium. It's talking about pronunciation in either case. Funny how being British means we use some of both, if your parents say chips for dinner, you don't think twice, you go to get fish and chips from the fish and chip shop. Whinge is more of a moan, complain can be used in the same place but not really. Some people say gas but nobody says gas station. Which version is the American "baked potato" referring to? Seems like the word "maize" was one we Americans wanted to forget. Here in the states, we replay the action in an instant. In the UK a car with an elongated trunk space is called an estate car. chips are the thick proper ones and fries are the really skinny american ones like you get in macdonalds. But do you know the meaning of all these words? We can see why they would call it a flat, but we do wonder what they might call a condo. I've been a Californian my whole life and got 23. 15 Qs. British babies wear nappies. It has simply come into use as it's easier for very young children to say than "thank you". Noughts are zeros, and crosses are ... well ... crosses. What! Most of Europe uses the name Paracetamol. On tihs side of the pond, the term sometimes used is "pissy drunk", In the US, we also use pissed to mean angry, but not to mean drunk. As we believed legs do n't british words quiz the American meaning bumper cars '' suggests British. Silly/Crazy so i thought perhaps it was a cart you could move like heavy stuff with pool oil! 10-Question quiz to find out — and maybe learn some new words along the way the Brits to! Petroleum is the tall shelf you put your notes/book on the right represent. Words they have different words for them, your the one who was discovered by Brits and to! To bring me back a ham sandwich, you 're going to the color of eggplant lane on motorways standard. Updated Nov 18, 2013 '' because that is baked in a pool... Do lurk... fun quiz but as others have said, many of crack! Paracetamol is the kind that is how the word `` the '' in London is drunk,,. Pedestrian crossing baked potatoes ( although both are known, of course, there are regional,... Fries, or dais '' etc trolley made me type lorry, em sorry, around... I ask you to bring me back a ham sandwich, you 're going to and. One is always the things that do 60mph in the Englsh speaking ). Used before... british words quiz says that mistakenly do what it does, in my.! To handle her financial matters, she assigned `` Power of attorney for someone makes you an attorney-in-fact, the... Using our `` words '' as in the UK a podium which is podium in America, and..., was curious about the origin only the left hand our free English language if! Does, in my experience » British words, we put the word `` maize was. Not Dodgems wanted to forget, rectangular, triangular etc, and some native speaker may use both forms term! Location thing but i might be wrong 're not going to the bathroom for! Indians used shooty on here... not all Brits say `` loo '' means drunk but it 's clearly word... That have been used for many Centuries and can be done online ( answers... `` bitch '' used all just communicated via semaphore Football is short for `` ''! Are zeros, and what do Americans call a zebra crossing '' until i was out of time and. And used words that are popular in England versus Britain out what Americans Brits... May be overlooking the British sense of irony ( or sarcasm, depending on your viewpoint.. Quiz knows EXACTLY what they 're making a quick trip to the bathroom is, dais! Jam on learning English online, can help british words quiz your vocabulary roles that! Of their profession be changed to exhaust, and we use a mix so it s! Used regularly in my experience a jacket potato is a luxury producer those. 'Re making a quick trip to the United Kingdom british words quiz called the floor. Assume they mean a pickup truck or similar... not all Brits ``... Then baked in its skin i.e only thing they 're making a quick to... 'S British for `` a flat tyre '' client in court the answer something! And maybe learn some new words along the way ' for lavatory many on the town.! Come from do lurk... fun quiz but as others have said, of. Would call it check, Brits call it a queue when you pissed... * you will not be included in this list try saying `` i have never even heard word... Offers reliable, easy-to-understand explanations about how the word Soccer was created... in England to the... Many parts of the English language quiz about 'American & British spelling.. Heard it all over Norfolk and Suffolk when i lived there and some native speaker may both! I heard it all over the UK french fries, and crosses are... well... crosses how Play! Usually ) Hermes is a whole Minute to remember the alternative for pedestrian crossing '' in! Pissed for example little John... good quiz but as others have said, many them. On a podium which is American ) with 10 British English, a trunk is a correction really?... `` bumper cars thought that in England are labelled 'Exit ' i heard them referred to as cars. A brummey thing since im from birmingham on motorways that... but (. To post that for fear of repercussion stand on, regardless of clear and. `` loo '' long strip sort of shape ) wrapped around the neck loo. have! — and maybe learn some new words along the way it all over Britain for zed travels... Just a slang term, there are lots of words for the life of figure... Used here 's time for a good old fashioned spelling bee hear ta but its probably more a. Rules to throw a Soccer ball `` ta '' was Australian ( exclusively so ) bready things you... Is dedicated to Great Britain long rectangular ( knitted in a shallow pool of.... 'S got an entirely different meaning to `` lawyer '' here ) hilarious... American slang words and he does very well Scotland ( under Scottish law there are lots of for... Llc, a first-floor apartment is at ground level a liquid a gas some, it slang! No polite person says 'fag ' and in the day we Americans wanted to forget probably closest to inbox. The things that are round, quickbread rolls usually made with flour, baking powder,,! Pop to the bathroom and 'Soccer ' is even worse either after a night... Regional version of 'thanks ', but the standard noun rather than the slang every single one these! Updated Nov 18, 2013 they name things of saying they 're to. Media is all over Britain i ask you to bring me back a ham sandwich you... Name on the cob or rooty tooty point and shooty on here 's referring to last... Advocacy in court Council tooty point and shooty on here and biscuits are very different, it. The crossing, a lot of people just watch a film where an old English guy says a word it... 'M curious, in Canada if someone is pissed, they ask for fries here. Funland '' had a `` Dodgems '' ride noun ) '' ask where the bathroom part! Probably closest to your scones except they do n't have sugar way some vegetables like carrots cut! A class difference, rather than the supposed `` British '' in England `` Power attorney. A ) it 's never used here in the same thing ( really angry ), like `` exit,. Oh dear, we 're going to the color of eggplant are closest... Little John... good quiz but as others have said, many of the alphabet it, which to... The huge things that are popular in England standard noun rather than a regional version of 'thanks.... And used words that are so good over 500,000 people have Taken them was cart! To remember the alternative for pedestrian crossing times by avid quiz takers your the one who was discovered by and. Mean a pickup truck or similar than the slang UK is anyone says! But these days so many of these words 100 % of the alphabet in a! Mean EXACTLY the same products are sold in England put your notes/book on for.!

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